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Top Reasons You Need WordPress Membership Plugins

Nobody can deny that no other website platform is as famous as WordPress. One of the many reasons it’s popular is the amazing plugins available. What do you need to do if you need to control the access of people to certain contents in your WordPress site? This is where WordPress membership plugins can be used. Read on to discover what this specific type of WordPress plugin can do for you and your website. You will also learn if this type of plugin is ideal for you.

The top thing WordPress membership plugins do is they allow website administrators to control how people can view some or all parts of the website. However, this isn’t the only thing these plugins can do.
We’re sure you’ve noticed how there are many existing WordPress membership plugins that you can download. Different developers have made these plugins and they come with different features. Regardless of the differences in how they work, these membership plugins do have common denominators in terms of features.
Let us look into the most important tasks these plugins can do. In doing so, you can hopefully find the perfect tool you need. You’d want to get the most out of the plugin.

The most vital feature of a WordPress membership plugin is how it lets you control access to your website’s content. A good plugin makes it easy for users to restrict access to the site and selected portions of it. It should, furthermore, allow you to limit access to specific files, as well as portions of your posts and pages.

If you want to really manage access, do pick a plugin that allows you plenty of control regarding who can access what. Select the one that provides you detailed access control of the site. The goal is that every new content of your website should be protected, in accordance to settings on privacy that you control. Typically, the privacy settings are based on your content’s category, tag or other criteria you define.

It might also be to your liking and needs to choose a WordPress membership plugin that allows you to open access to some parts of your website after a duration has elapsed. This type of feature is called dripping. What it does is it lets you drip access to specific areas of the website over days, weeks or months – all depending on your preference. A good example is if you would like new members to have restricted access and, over time, allow them more access to some portions of the website.

You can now decide if a WordPress membership plugin is for you, now that you know its basic features. These plugins are a great and easy way to limit access, giving you both convenience and even profits.

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