Metal products are widely used due to their structural integrity and ability to resist degradation when exposed to natural threats, but many construction firms also utilize them when creating design elements. From railings to fencing installations, wire mesh has been a popular option for many years, but one of the most significant choices is determining what type of metal is best suited for an application. The following is a quick look at the most commonly used metals and the various benefits of each one.

Copper Wire

Copper is a popular choice for uses where its natural beauty will be visible, and the surface of the copper wire will develop a patina as it ages, adding old-world charm and a one-of-a-kind appearance. Copper wire is also extremely flexible, which makes it easy to work with and allows an architect to create a customized product that will meet the needs of any project. Though copper may be more costly upfront, it offers durability and natural beauty that isn’t provided by other metal options.

Brass Wire

Individuals trying to avoid the patina effects common with copper often choose to use a brass wire. In addition to resisting corrosion, brass wire products are constructed using a mixture of zinc and copper, making it less susceptible to electromagnetic changes. These qualities make brass a practical material for areas where combustible gasses are stored, and the surface of the brass is customizable to provide the perfect hue for any space.

Standard Steel Wire

For customers looking to save money, it is nearly impossible to beat standard steel wire options. The steel is extruded using a cold formation process, which adds a great deal of integrity to the metal and ensures it will provide years of reliable use. Steel products are susceptible to surface degradation, but regular application of a sealant will minimize the effects moisture and other elements have on the surface of the metal.

Choosing the perfect type of metal for a project isn’t easy. The experts at Banker Wire provide a full array of custom wire solutions, including weaving services that transform a metal product into a piece of fabric that is usable in a wide variety of applications. Click here to visit this page and learn more about the ways metal is used to add character and integrity to a structure.